Baby and Child Industry Innovation Forum 2019/婴童产业创新论坛2019
2019-02-27 14:03:02

China has become the second-largest consumer of baby products after the United States currently. It is estimated that the size of the national maternal-child market is expected to exceed 3.5 trillion RMB by 2020.

With the full liberalization of the new family planning policy of China, the baby industry has ushered in a new round of changes. Millennials now form the new generation of parents.

What are the characteristics of the new generation of parents? How to accurately catch their different demands? How can a brand win in a marketing campaign?

Following the rise of Chinese middle-class, the market of the baby & child industry becomes complex. Under such a complex challenge, diversified and personalized services are the bellwether leading the development of the industry, innovation is the magic weapon to make a surprise victory, as well as cross-industry communication and collaborative progress are the inevitable trend for long-term development. Only correct grasping the pulse of the industry, companies can occupy the opportunity to stand out.

In this context, Baby and Child Industry Innovation Forum 2019 will open in Shanghai, China, on June 20th and 21st 2019! Which aims to build a platform for all practitioners of the baby industry to communicate with the world. The two-day agenda setting will fully encompass the latest hot topics and news in the industry. At that time, the top grade manufacturers, brands, licensors, channel operators and major advisory bodies, online and offline marketing platform, upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises, and so on will join us, more than 500 industry experts gathered to communicate and discuss together, to cooperate together finally!

BCIF2019 as the professional baby and child industry event, it will focus on the trends around the world, setting up agenda comprehensively covers the baby and child industry market, policy analysis, marketing innovation, new retail online, the combination between service and products, the combination and innovation between science and technology and product, the construction of the new ecological infant child industry and etc.. The important communicating platform between different enterprises in this industry will be built here.