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China Petrochemical & Innovation Summit 丨 October 2014 丨 Shanghai, China

China's demand for petrochemical market has been developing rapidly in the past decades. In the next five years, both supply and demand will continue to grow. The industry saw 8% growth in value-added output in the last year, which accounted for 13.23% of the country's total.
Under this background, we together China government with top chemical producers launch the China Petrochemical & Innovation Summit 2014(CPIS2014) to discuss the latest industrial policies and technologies. The summit provides an excellent platform to set up partnerships with distributors, suppliers and solution providers. We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai in October.

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  • Producer
  • IOCs/NoCs
  • Distributor
  • Equipment
  • Others
  • Producer   58%
  • IOCs/NOCs   13 %
  • Distributor   11%
  • Equipment/Technology supplier    9%
  • Others(EPC, Logistic, Catalyst, Consulting    9%
  • Producer
  • IOCs/NoCs

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